Per-Otto (Peo) Lekare - criminal, con artist

Per-Otto Lekare conned and stole from me to the total of 50 000 US Dollars, by lying about his health and marital status. He claimed to be extremely ill (mentally and physically) and seperated from his wife-  having no  money for doctors, medicine, daily and living expenses. At the same time he was claiming a relationship with me: proposing, being registered as living with me and going through a divorce process in Sweden. This took place in 2006-2008.

Per-Otto Lekare was in fact leading a double life- balancing me alongside his family (wife Fabiola Kun and children). He lied extremely well about his health (physical and mental)- hospital (mental) stays, doctors (different specialists), different treatments, his everyday life. One main reason I found out the truth was that his sister (finally) had the decency to tell me, as until then I believed him even though I'd caught him in several lies (e.g. about a specific doctor)- the complete proof of the extent of his behaviour came even later. He is divorced by Swedish law, though not Mexican, living with his wife Fabiola Kun in Cuernavaca, Mexico: working with his registered company names Biometrika, iMedia (Internet Media), and Indexbits.

Conclusion: Per-Otto is a liar, conman, adultorer- those are provable facts. He may be mentally ill, is most probably just evil, and could not suprisingly prove to be alcoholic. 

We met November 2006 and proceeded to have one good year together, spending 25% of it together in Sweden, Mexico and on holidays. After November 2007 it was pure misery, Per- Otto claiming a stroke, suicide attempt, self mutililation, robberies; hysterical phone calls about his health (heart, prostate problems on top of mental issues), not seeing/ having any contact with his children, his career/ financial situation. I studied a total of 3 semesters to prepare for the future he told me we would have, arranged my living arrangements according to our plans. I contacted his wife, siblings and best friend (on several and continued occasions) but they pretty much all ignored me- none were willing to tell me the truth. So I believed him when he said he couldn't turn to them, I felt responsible for him. It ended the summer of 2008, Per-Otto not even having the decency to tell me the truth- until the last minute claiming mental distress, having me worry and care, just disappearing.

I have proof in the form of  photos, emails, chatlogs, financial statements, telephone records, sms/ text messages, witnesses (including of his proposal), flight tickets, governmental records.  

All cirumstantial evidence points to Fabiola Kun being an equal partner in the con. She had no problems with me contacting her on numerous occasions/ my continued relationship with her husband, no problems being divorced in Sweden and her husband away months at a time.  And how, if not in on it, did she (the supposed equal partner and businesswoman in the marriage) accept all the (unexpected/inexplicable) extra income?
I feel sorry for the children who are exposed to such evil parents.

Current situation (as of May 2010):
The Swedish justice/court system is a joke. It never managed to serve him papers, nor did they make a proper effort.  I've resigned myself to the fact that he got away with what he did to me. I might have lost money and time, but he's the loser ( or rather psychopatic, pathologically lying criminal).

As for this website- it will stay. Hopefully it will prevent some other "fool" from being conned by him. It will be removed if he ever ends up in jail.

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