Of/at Peos audacity, nerve, ego. They are still paying off.

Peo has partaken in an article for a Swedish computer magazine. Subject: being harassed on the net, which there is truth in; if you choose to define my spreading of the truth as harassment. No, what amazes me is the fact that he has managed to dupe/con the journalist as well. The facts that the journalist bases the article's "point" on are all hearsay! The journalist has based a story on the word of Peo, where most of the facts are easily disprovable: he has written a story without any factual/ background checking (which I would suppose to be a breach of etiquette/ against correct journalistic practice?!). I can only surmise that Peo has used his background and contacts, not to mention his gift for lying, to achieve the publication of this article.

Conclusion: Peo is trying to restore his credibility. I suppose the logic is that if he can actual show an article which backs his version(s) refuting my allegations, people will believe him. Because of course, everything you read in the paper is true!!!! (Hahaha!). I have to admit it that it's a great move, how many people will think that a proper journalist would actually write a story without any evidence (solely based on hearsay)...

Silver lining: I have achieved what I set out to do, i.e. make it more difficult for him to lie and mislead people. As he has actually gone to an extreme such as this, his credibility must be shot- good, great, fantastic for me and the world in general (or at least his potential future victims).

* If he was using the audacity, nerve, ego to do some good; e.g. in the manner of Robin Hood, or just in a manner that didn't actually hurt individuals- let's say like the Great Train Robbery .


6/30/2009 03:34:31 am

Gjorde ingenting för att få något publicerat. Blev tillfrågad efter att någon sett alla idiotiska inlägg på miljoner ställen, inklusive PC för Allas webbplats.. Gav intervju. Skickat bevis för mina påståenden... fins inget sagt där som inte är bevisat.. Därför skrevs artikeln... finns inget som du kan kalla "hearsay".

I was asked to be included in an interview and I agreed. PC för Alla asked me to show proof and I said yes. I sent every proof asked for. There is nothing in the interview that is "hearsay"... I have never lied or conned as this crazy person says. pls send mails to peo@lekare.com if you doubt.

7/1/2009 09:18:36 am

Den som skapade den här sidan är uppenbarligen en genomrutten person. Ingen skulle lägga ner såhär mycket arbete om det inte gällde en hämndaktion, vilket bevisar att det som står i artikeln är sant.

Skärp dig nu, och sluta slösa din tid och dina pengar på den här hemsidan.

7/6/2009 07:21:05 am

1- Anonym:
Errr... Är du ironisk, sarkastisk, eller utan fungerande logik?
Självklart läggs mer tid, energi, pengar på en lögn än något som är regelmässigt fel på alla plan?

2- Peo:
Evidence? There is none, not to what you claim. Psychopath/ sociopath (depending on source of definition), please keep digging you're own grave.

7/6/2009 01:07:08 pm

1) han är lack - som rätt många andra på att du fokuserar på att hata andra människor... du kan skicka mejl till mig om du vll. Jag läser alla och svarar alla, det vet du... men du gör det hela så jävla publikt att han tröttnar på det.
2) Hur mycket bevis vill du ha? ge mig 5 minuter... How much evidence do you want? Give me 5 minutes

7/6/2009 01:09:15 pm

säker på att du vill det här?

What do I claim? That you have harassed me constantly and threatened me and my family since the summer of 2008. So the claims are:

1) This exact website www.lekare.net - deemed illegal by Datainspektionen is evidence. It was one of a few websites deemed illegal in the beginning of 2009. You could probably search or maybe ask some of your really cool police officer friends (that haven't found the case about you, but that still have really high security clearance). Just you registering the name is proof enough. Sometime by the end of July - before we had our last talk... that is premeditation. Big time.

2) The 100+ phone calls you made in the first two weeks of September of 2008 are evidence (logged) and sent to police. Exact time, hour and phone number. The beauty of IP-telephony. :)

3) the almost 100 calls after that (logged as well) are evidence and sent to police. (as above) IP rules

4) the threatening messages you left on voice mail... sent to police.

5) the 100+ website entries you made all over the world are evidence. Sent to police with screenshots.

6) the buying of ads is evidence. Sent to police with screenshots and info about you. (www.exactseek.com, as I believe)

7) the infinite amount of stuff you did to my wife, children, friends and family outside the article should be enough for a long and a gruesome jail sentence.... Also sent - physically. I know of at least some 10 packages with your "truth" sent... some with personal letters. All meaning for people to break their relationships with me. All packages are (I think) with police. You have also sent harassing messages to Johan and Andreas several times. By mail, email and on top of postal messages... by the way, the opening of mail messages constitute a crime as well.

Tell me what in the article is not true? please... you haven't harassed me? your site isn't illegal? What is not true? Your phone calls? Actually the article doesn't say much and it doesn't contain much detail. You felt hit because it contained a screenshot of your website about me. There is however proof to every claim. And I have a great screenshot of you presenting yourself as a curvy and cute chick. :) using the same picture where I am portrayed... hahahah... that is quite a laugh.

The best proof might be the (not mentioned in the article) trying to bribe my business parter from 10 years back into destroying all my business opportunities by saying I had stolen from him... you accepted to pay any legal cost he might have against me - as long as he would speak badly of me... hahaha... I believe that was a really bad move... then again, I'm not a lawyer in this case.

I do have all the email communication betweeen you and Roberto, though. That proof has also been sent to Swedish police. Once again. He laughs at your stupidity. Daily.

My brother (who happens to be a police officer) taped all the conversations I managed to have with him when I was in Sweden as well as a "confession speech" I had to make - under threat - in front of you, Andrea... so did Johan.You know that forcing someone to make a confession has a minimum 2 year prision sentence? Hope so.

So who's digging a grave? Or was the grave thing a threat? I have loads of information about all this and your plans to make me hurt. Among some - but not exluding - "taking sex pictures and sending to family", "pouring water on computer", "using his credit card to the limit", "taking his passport" and other really cool things you would sit down and plan on your computer. Most of the stuff that I know of you wrote back in February of 2007, but nothing I can speak of since I can't name names due to police investigation. The WORD documents are in custody, You would even have a PEO folder in her computer... probably the same right now... not to keep pictures or something that other normal person would have, but you would have documents there of how to screw me - if I ever did her wrong... :D Says a lot.

Hope you have a great night or morning, Andrea. I know I will at least. In the best of cases, I might become father again soon. I also hope you get out of your hangover soon. You owe it to your son.... but then again he might not be with you right now, since he seems to prefer his dad's company... wonder why.

P.S liked the spelling in the last sentence. :)
"you're pretty sweet... "

7/19/2009 01:47:36 pm

What's with deleting blog access for all your "unique" visitors from "40+" countries? Truth too hard to handle? Tell me what in the article is "easily" disproveable. One thing please. Just one.
Liked the email you sent me and Johan while drunk. it was full of consistencies (not). Where you said you were willing to be put in jail for tax fraud ad long as I met you in court. In court for what?


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