Two people gave Peo new recommendations on Linkedin recently; on the same day, both working together.  The 7th of December… one stating his high integrity.  These two recommenders are working together with Peo as a main go-between/ he is the laison between two continents (not to mention the owner of the principal Swedish company’s name in the Americas). 
If these two recommenders had any moral integrity they would have tried to disprove my accusations, by e.g. asking for my proof, instead of joining forces to protect their joint business venture. If they did not have doubts about Peo's effect on the cooperation, they would not have felt the need to do such a thing- nor would a phrase such as “high integrity” have been used, "the lady doeth protest too much". Saving face, saving business - fully understandable, but at the same time a questionable move... what happens when Peo is proven (by others than me or in a court of law) the criminal he actually is? They could, at worst, be directly targeted (though why would he bite the hand that feeds him?) or , at the very least, stand there with the shame of recommending a criminal. Working with a creative, convincing liar can be an asset in some cases, but those cases must be when the person can deliver what he says. In regards to me, I should like to see the police reports- as the police in Sweden don't have any- and I would love him to face me in court, because that is my objective (he needs to be served his papers which is coplicated by him be

I have been in touch with one of his business contacts, who strongly suspects that Peo has behaved untowardly and illegally- he is trying to find proof. I am hoping that this blog entry will cause Peo to reimburse the person in question- as even if proof is found it would probably not be enough for a jail sentence or worth the monetary judicial costs to fight for it. I name no names, so maybe Peo will have problems figuring out which person (of the many I am sure he has conned) to give money to;).

And though not of real importance, on Linkedin Per-Otto has Uppsala University on his education- to be absolutely correct he studied there but never got a degree.


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