Got a warning today "that I'd gone too far, that I'd made a bad move, oops...oops...oops".

This is in reference to that I informed the school which Peo's children attend. I believe that the administration and other parents have a right to know what kind of people they are dealing with. I would want to know if I were in any kind of danger from people around me, whatever the social context.

I should like to point out that Peo involved my son, lied to him, led him on, led him to believe a great many things under a long period of time. He obviously has no compunction about hurting a child.

If his children are hurt by the truth, then that is not my fault. 1) He shouldn't have done what he did, then the facts couldn't have come out. 2) I have not informed his children. If his children are affected it is because of parents who will let children suffer for the sins of the parents.

11/25/2008 12:09:49 am

Dear Andrea,

I have written support to you in the past, but I´m sorry to say that doing something that obviously will hurt the guys children (regardless of if he is a criminal or not) ir pure evil.

In doing so you have lowered yourself to his level and completely lost any moral justification that you earlier might have had.

There is simply no justification for this! Claiming that he did this or that, simply makes no difference. You did what you did for revenge period and his kids got hurt.

I will pray for you and your soul, I believe that you are in essence a good person who committed an act of evil blinded by revenge.

I am saddened to read this, shame on you....

12/8/2008 06:02:57 am

I see that you do not care to comment, I can understand why.
You asked when I helped you the first time how I found your page, simple I was looking for Sofia Lekare (wonderful Swedish actress) and found all these pages of you and Peo, since I felt moved by your story and annoyed at your ex, I decided to help you so that you would not have any problems (I mailed you months ago).

Best Regards,

King David


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