I invite all readers to analyse comments by David- compare them to Maria Luisa's comment- then compare them all to what, and how, Peo writes. To me, it is (glaringly) obvious that they are all written by the same person. If you can read, you can see the similarities. I am not suprised, the level of honor/ dignity/ rightousness relating to Peo has so far been nil.... How low can you go, how low can you be? Well, when digging your own hole, seemingly very far. And I don't have any problems with these comments, I truly don't, because I know the truth- and if I did have problems, wouldn't I just erase them (or like Peo not even allow comments)?

It saddens me that there are no known supporters, character witnesses standing up for him, but it doesn't surprise me. For lack of support he fabricates his own. Considering his earlier behaviour, it is only to be expected of him to create "alter egos"- you do it in person for (almost) two years; why stop to bluff, fake, lie, manipulate? His behavior to me was not a one off, it must be his nature.

I believe that he still thinks that he can bluff his way out of this, deny and demonify me... then all will be well. Let him say what he wants, he is the proven liar. The truth is the truth, it can not hurt me in any way. Obviously, the truth worries him though... that I base on statistics from this website (Cuernavaca has a multiple daily return visitor who spends more time on this site than I do).  


12/12/2008 08:20:51 am

Amazingly enough, I am actually not Peo ,for starters my English is way better than his and secondly I have never once, not once, defended or approved, even by insinuance or inferance, of his actions. I only tried to say that no matter what, it is NOT OK to do things to hurt his children, it only makes you as sick as he is, thats the way I see it, period....

Unless you have not noticed I actually criticize him frequently since I think that his actions are quite despicable.

Are you proud of yours?

I do however also think that your behavior is increasingly psychopathic (Peo appears to have multiple personality disorder, at least).

You both need professional help...

The ongoing supporter
12/14/2008 06:26:22 am

David, You need professional help yourself. From your advise to have 50,000USD taken from you not to be upset and do something I find inexplicable. What I read so far Andrea did not do any harm to his children directly, perion too!
I did not know that you are psychoanalyst as well as being a lawyer. Your statement of both needing professional level does not substantiate in you being a lawyer, as a lawyer would propose legal actions. On the other hand a psychoanalyst would not express an opionion without a personal meeting. Anyway a blog is there to express ones opinion, period again!

12/26/2008 11:39:14 am

I recommended from day 1 that she sue and seek legal action.

Apparently no one understands my point of view at all, or does not care. Furthermore Peo appears to have sent a personally insulting email, thereby making it quite hard to defend him, as well.

This whole affair has become a great parody of and for both of you, nothing more, nothing less.

I´m giving up, enjoy your petty online war all involved....

Happy holidays for all.

David Muar Husseini, SSC

Andrea to David
12/27/2008 09:53:18 pm

Your point of view seems to be that I am much worse than Peo- based on what I am not sure (that: my actions are more recent, my actions span a very short time period, I have only told the truth, that I have not stolen anything, tricked anyone?) . Yes, turning the other cheek is admirable, but that would be quite irresponsible. I do find that your comments have been slightly muddled and somewhat without any concrete point- except of course to point out how bad certain/ my behavior is. I can’t speak for other readers, but there doesn’t seem much to understand or care about ; seeing as you know none of the people involved, and have seemingly, judged solely me on what a provable con man has written. You argue that you have been my supporter, I can find no evidence of that in any of your comments, and if you refer to your initial contact (stating I should be careful of judicial actions regarding slander) I would rather classify that as a warning (if you were my supporter you would not have, immediately after I disregarded your advice, started to be sympathetic to Peo). You have lightly commented on Peo, but heavily focused on how terribly I have behaved.
I agree that it is all a parody, but if you were significantly observant in the reading of the blog you would observe that:
I mostly respond to comments
I have taken legal action
Peo has no story

And are you a lawyer as you say, then you should know that legal actions are quite futile (seeing as the Swedish legal system is what it is).


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