I am amused, though fed up with this whole thing. I have nothing to add that hasn't been said, no added facts at least. Peo's writings continue, in the same manner as before, without any basis in fact, nor really being relevant. I admit my/ this blog is not really relevant either, it is just an outlet for all the emotions I have regarding what happened- but then again you (whoever you are) are reading it. So right now, all I am doing is voicing an opinion:

Peo's writings, apart from relevance and fact base, aren't very coherent, nor mature. He doesn't address any issue, nor state any events that has/have anything to do with his actions. He still has not told a story (because his lies are different to everbody), he is still just going on about my state of mind (insane;), my actions (terrible;), and the authorities he has contacted (of which there is no proof). He waffles/rambles on, might as well be writing about widgets- for all the sense and truth there is. He tries to turn "everything" against me, fitting part truths and total fabrications together, trying to be credible- though, to any logical person, it must be clear that there is no rationale in his text. No matter what he says of me, there is still nothing that  purports him to be innocent, nor anything to explain his actions, nor even tries to explain my actions. And I should truly like to hear his explanation for all the proof, and all the witnesses.
People can think what they want of me, I couldn't care less-but no matter what Peo's says/ writes about me, these same people will be cautious around him.

And as to Fabiola. If she had been a decent person, she would have asked to confirm (just to be sure) the proof regarding financial transactions; and then made sure I got my money back, or at least all the money that she and the children had been living on (Peo might have used some of it for other things). Who knows, either imbecile or criminal... but as her actions have shown, definitely not decent.

As you may notice, I don't even comment on Peo as person, the story in itself shows who/ what he is/ isn't. 


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