Apart from the truth/ entire story (including the existing amount of witnesses and proof) there are a couple of factors that affect Peo's current credibility.

1- That his "truth" can only be obtained by emailing him..... i.e. a personal answer that is adapted to whoever is asking. Giving different stories to different people according to what they might know, believe, have heard.... Why is there not one truth, that all can read?

2- Why the neccessity to register to comment on his website? Pick and choose- the ones who are favourable? I have not erased any comments and welcome all people with an opinion (as long as it is expressed in a civilized manner, i.e. no swearing, rude comments).

3- Why was his website closed for the better part of a year? Claiming in December 2007 that he'd been away, still was... Couldn't risk me reading his blog and realizing that all was not as he claimed?

11/2/2008 03:41:06 am

Do you expect a lier and a conartist to have credibility?..Of course not,the truth is what he makes it. Now he hides, unable to take responsibility of his actions..I feel sorry for the people around him, which he prolly tries to convince that all that has happen is a setup/missunderstanding/conspiracy against him..Conartist are known to claim innocence even as the prison door hits them in their face..Sad really..


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