I am getting my equilibrium/ my mojo/ joie de vivre back. Peo did his best to take my sanity, but only managed to get my time and money- my sanity he took periodically (and only for/through concern for his health).

He is evil. I am okay (probably better than most). I can live with myself, every second of every day. One consolation is that he has to live with himself. I am also consoled by the fact that he will not be able to pull this kind of stunt again, not without  (Google using) people, at the least , cautious/ careful.

Judicially, I am relying on the Swedish system- i.e. not really helpful in Mexico. So I'll have to believe believe in karma, justice etc... Peo(ple) getting what (t)he(y) deserve(s). Resuming my/ a proper life is more important than anything. I have wasted enough: energy, time, money.  I've done what I can to let people know the truth, hopefully nobody will ever again have to suffer at the hands of Peo.

What I really want back? Time and money, obviously;)

Mainly, my : grandfathers wedding band, puzzle ring, digital photo frame, modern oil painting (butterfly), telephone (now out of date)- some things claimed to have been stolen during robberies, some to be held in Mexico until we had found a house to live in.

And, though on principle I am against wanting presents back, an heirloom Arosenius painting. He just doesn't deserve to have it.

And, just FYI, 700 unique vistors to lekare.net. 700 people who can not be conned in the future. I am smiling:)!


King David
11/25/2008 05:21:41 am

You state that you believe in Kharma, I think not, because by kharmatic justice you will receive the same punishment as your aggressor for causing harm to his children. I am sorry, but it is so...

I believe that you have transcended the fine red line of seeking justice to seeking petty revenge against somebodys wife and children.

Please try to get some distance to your actions and any moral "virtue" you have claimed, as it is now null and void.

The guy is still a con-man, but you are turning into the exact same sociopathic behavior I´m afraid, please seek help while you are still good at heart. I pray for your saviour.

Kind David
(former supporter)

The ongoing supporter
12/8/2008 03:01:20 am

loose 50000USD and do nothing? What do you propose David for her, to get her money?

12/8/2008 05:49:03 am

The guy is a con-artist allright and she has all the right to get her money back and to sue him from here to the moon.

I just objected to the detail that she knowingly caused harm to his children, that is wrong, period. Doesnt matter what he did, she is now just as bad in my eyes and is adopting a demeanor that can only be descibed as slightly psycopathic.

Sorry you dont agree, but I find no justification of hurting someones kids, to do it because of something he did just proves premeditation and if possibly makes it even less justifiable.

How can you possibly complain of someone doing something to you and then do the same thing?!

Even more surprising is to mention Kharma, unless you truly have no understanding at all of the concept.

Again, I have written to Andrea in the past, to help her (I am a lawyer and believe that she has been wronged), but now all I see is petty revenge that has lost its purpose and guidance and possibly even put her at risk for a libel and slander suit (which would be awfull considering what she had to go through).

In short the end does NOT justify the means, you cannot do evil and claim moral justification, the idea just doesnt hold water.... Unless you truly are blinded by revenge and hatred, youd see that it just turns you into what you hate most and that is sad...

The ongoing supporter
12/9/2008 04:41:34 am

What harm? Did Andrea take 50000USD from his kids? If you are a lawyer what legal actions do you propose? But please be precise! You are saying to sue him, but on what basis?

12/10/2008 04:19:04 am

Dear David,

You seem quite engaged concider you are not involed in this situation.. Or is this Peo..? If you know what Peo had done to her son, leading him on that they will move to Mexico and that his mother and him (Peo) would get married, and then some.. And it´s not the same to actually do something really wrong to someone and telling people that someone done you wrong. I can only say that Peo brought this on him self!! He can only bleme him self! she never actually told his kids anything, if they found out anything it is because of the parents of other kids. Can you actually bleme her for wanting to tell the world sbout what he has done to her?! I can´t, and Iam according to Peo a good person.


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