Today I got a bill adressed to Peo; actually not a bill, rather a reminder to pay a bill. Not the first time I get unpleasant mail regarding Peo, last time (last month) it was a letter declining a loan he had applied for, with me as a co-addresse. And no, I am not opening his mail per se, I just automatically open all mail that comes to me, without looking at the adressee.

Previously, he has run from Swedish tax debts and his student loan, now he is running from minor bills, plus of course the money he owes me. Lucky man to be living on the other side of the world, not to mention to be lucky regarding how well the Swedish judicial system works (hahaha).

10/24/2008 03:08:13 am

Anybody to apply for a loan in my name should be you... I haven't applied for any loan. You - however - have forged my signature before, and you can do so now. Doesn't change anything.

10/24/2008 03:13:57 am

And by the way... opening mail NOT addressed to you is illegal... how bad...

10/24/2008 05:15:31 am

Hey, just grow a pair and pay back what you owe to Andrea...Doesnt matter how many comments or links you post here..It doesnt change the facts..Nobody are feeling sorry for you and the best and right thing you can do right now is to pay back what you owe..thats the only way you can redeem yourself to some degree..And you should take a hard long look at yourself, because duping people like the way you have done, is not only criminal but morally wrong..ffs your moral compass must be really screwed up..You have a chance to do the right thing..take it.

Kim Dahlin
11/3/2008 10:16:20 pm


Istället för att bara komma med små stickrepliker - varför berättar du inte din version av historien? Vi är många som är nyfikna på hur du tänkte.
Hur tänkte du när du tog ut alla pengarna t ex? Eller när du sa till Andrea och Alexander att ni skulle bli en familj? Varför sa du att du låg intagen på en psykiatrisk klinik? Blev du rånad fyra gånger på riktigt?



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