Peo can lie about anything and everything, the truth will still come out in the end. He CLAIMS to have reported me to the police (maybe in Mexico) definitely not in Sweden- I am processing against him in Sweden; I pray that he dares show himself here so that the Swedish system can work against , without the hassle of an ocean in between. 

I have informed/ warned everybody, I possibly can, regarding the true nature of Peo. Whether people choose to believe me, or not, at least they are less likely to be duped/ conned in the future. It is not about defamation, it is about the truth.   And regarding Fabiola; I have no proof, just very indicating evidence.

All my evidence is securely/ officially stored. Should anything happen, to me or my son, then proceedings will still be continued (and Peo be the only suspect).

And were I crazy, like Peo claims... then obviously it's a mass psychosis, as there are inumerable witnesses (and piles of proof) regarding what he has said and done. The only insane thing, about me, is that I believed his lies for so long.

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