Nowhere does Per-Otto Lekare tell a complete version of events.

I would really like to know his story. So would a lot of other people- and not on request only. If he had a credible story, that didn't differ when told to people... it would be out there for all to see. He has his website, he comments on mine; has an opinion about everything and everybody, seemingly enjoying to focus on my personality traits, my actions (whether true or not)- but nowhere does he explain how he ended up in the current situation. 

As previously stated, this is not about the relationship not working out. This is abut the fact that he lied, conned, duped, stole, abused under a long period of time. Had he actually been ill, in hospital, I could live with the loss of the money (I cared enough about his health to want to help). But he lied about being sick, he lied about being robbed of heirloom jewelry, he actually stole money outright, he lied about everything- not acceptable.

Relationships end, which is not the end of the world- Peo and I did not have a relationship: he had a con, I had hope.

11/10/2008 03:53:24 am

Hello Andrea!
I just want you to know that I've sent Peo an email (simply asking him of his version of the story) and I want to send you a copy.
I don´t think he will but if he answers I´ll let you know.

"Hello Peo!
Honestly, what has happened between you and Andrea?
The last time I met you, you were going to meet a lawyer because Andrea had caught you lying about what doctor you had been seeing.
She wanted some kind of guarantee that she would get her money back.
I don´t know if you remember me?
My name is Nicole and we met a few times when you were in Sweden this summer.
You told me that you wanted to repare the broken trust between the two of you and that you loved her.
You were talking about moving to Mexico with her when you had recovered from your illneses.
You were engaged, I saw your rings and the two of you together!
What happended?"

Maria Luisa
11/11/2008 04:43:42 am

So in your gracious way of seeing it:

Fabiola had nothing to do with this thing that you say Per-Otto did, although you suspect something...

So you prepare a flower arrangement to be delivered to a world event hosted by Fabiola, which happens to be the most important event ever hosted by her, or anyone in this organization. Planned before you even knew Per-Otto.

You device 1 letter containing hoax information about a (non existent) women's organization working for the benefit of women in the third world (e.g. Central America), the rest of the letters are letters with a picture of Fabiola saying "beware, this woman is a criminal"... The three top letters contain the hoax message, as if to "divert" the attention of the people. The rest contain this outrageous and false information.

I actually received the letters and the (actually) ugly flowers and I was about to explode when I saw this. I have known Fabiola for over 20 years. I would give my life for her and her honor. She has never, in any way been even unfair to one person. You are mad and evil and need professional help.

You send this information to the Swedish part of BPW and the steering committee at BPW Wolrdwide... That is what you do when you're not sure anyone has done anything wrong to you? Wow... you should go to a shrink.

Andrea, if you have anything against Per-Otto, please tell the police in any country. Don't go against Fabiola or her beautiful children. In any country.

12/8/2008 05:56:40 am

This is new, I read about causing damage to the kids and now to the wife too.

Why on earth would any sane person do this to somebody they dont even know, but unless there is some evidence of a crime that she commited, you have again commited an act that is libelous and slanderous

I rest my case, hope that you realize that you will quickly start loosing supporters by your actions.

I reiterate, you have become what you claim to hate most. Libel, Slander and Stalking is what these acts are classified as.

Its time to stop now,
go to court,
file a suit,

then go to your temple of worship and cleanse your soul (If you are catholic, confess and if you are a lutheran pray for forgiveness, I take for granted you are not muslim).


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