I talked to Peo yesterday- I called. I figured if he can email me, I can call. I don't know what I was thinking. The conversation was civil (in comparison to our "cyberwar") but a sham- I asked for explanations, he told me a story that seemed prepared/ rehearsed (in case the converstion was being recorded?)- there was no truth (which I should have known considering everything). The reason I am writing about this, well, the conversation, in retrospect, was quite amusing. The amusing part was that he stuck to the story he had been telling me all along- continued to claim that he was undergoing medical treatment during the specified period. The amusing thing about this is the story is disproven by physical evidence. I have physical, documented, unbiased proof- and since he can not comprehend that/ how I got it, he continues lying. He thinks his plan, his actions, his intelligence all were infallible. I.e. what I find amusing is that he believes himself so superior that he will stick to a disproven fact because he can not understand that he made a mistake. Another amusing part: Peo claims that all the money was a loan but since I have behaved badly he is under no obligation to pay it back! More amusement: neither of us believes the other regarding the matter being reported to the police. Funnily enough I called the police, who couldn't find any kind of report- when I tried to reach Peo again to inform him of this, obviously he refused to answer.

Apart from the amusement... the conversation was upsetting. Because despite all that I know, I still have problems coming to terms with it. Having your trust, faith totally shattered by someone that you have believed in, loved, dedicated yourself to is always difficult. But realizing that everything you have believed in is a lie, is totally crushing. Yesterday I was reminded of that, the incredible pain came back and I was reduced to tears. It hurts, being betrayed, duped.

I am not upset because the relationship didn't work out. I am upset because I was lied to for so long, that I was conned and stolen from. If Peo had actually been ill, actually been in hospital, actuallly been robbed....... I could have accepted not getting the money back; obviously been sad, hurt, but just moved on with my life. Lying, duping, conning, stealing, decieving, abusing- those are all unacceptable things.

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