The insanity continues! - Criminal, con artist- Per-Otto Lekare

Look at the comments posted by Peo. I honestly give up; there is no point in wasting my time contradicting his continued crap... he rants and raves but all of it is irrelevant and uninteresting, not to mention illogical and without any specific point.   
Being a compulsive/ pathological liar, is something Peo constantly proves without any involvement from me- simply by contradicting himself. At least he is helping me grow older, laughter is good for the health and old age. LAO: So I am not actually a suspect, just reported (by him) as possibly comitting a crime; (which even so would be a matter that the police would have to have on record/ inform me of)? Obviously his proof and my crimes (whatever they are supposed to be) are very tangible and serious, which is why I am already a suspect? If anything I had done was illegal (and terrible) wouldn't something have happened by now (5 months after his supposed report)?

I will not even bother to comment on the rest of his writings, because of the senselessness of this entire situtation (this "cyberbashing" is just such a waste of time, and I truly hate it because it is even more stupid than throwing real mud). The truth is the truth, and nothing written can change it.

Suffice to say, the lies should come as no surprise. He lied (and provingly still does), stole, conned, put me (and my son) through mental torture, cheated, has no empathy, sympathy, decency, honour. And since he apparently can't earn (any or enough?) money honestly, selling himself (with promises and lies) was no problem; thus making him a prostitute (rather lower than one, at least prostitutes are upfront about their services). 

I may have been a fool, with more love, and money, than sense; but I will always be a good person, who behaves decently and with honour. Whatever I have ever done- I have NEVER lied, stolen, cheated, and/or betrayed.

As to the senselessness/ futility of this entire thing: I have this blog to vent my hurt and anger, it is my emotional release valve, my way of blowing off steam. I am still upset and trying to come to grips with the enormous emotional injury that Peo caused me (who knows if I ever will completely, I will definitely never forget). I am trying my hardest to find peace within myself, but it is extremely difficult- what he did was cruel and low, not to mention criminal- and what bugs me the most is that he is managing to evade the Swedish legal system by hiding on the other side of the world. If he were to recieve just punishment (apart from having to actually be himself... which could be thought to be enough;), then I would be able to "let it go". As it is, that his crimes (legal and moral) have had no negative effect on his life, irritates me to no end. So I just have to wait, time heals all wounds (right?): but more importantly the legal system will (hopefully, as it is the Swedish one) eventually catch up with him. Above all else, I want to forget that Peo, and all that went with him, happened! I don't want to remember, but at the same time I can't manage to ignore the injustice. This blog is a constant reminder of the worst time in my life, at the same time one of the few ways I can deal with the worst feelings- a catch22... The day I meet him in court, will be the day I stop writing here; when justice has been done, this blog will be superflous. 

PS. I will admit though that a website like this is illegal in Sweden. This is due to the fact Sweden is unlike most countries: even though all I say is provable and the truth, it is not legal to spread the truth if it may be unpleasant for a specific individual (unless you are doing it under an editor). But as the website is not Swedish, nor written in Swedish, the person shown is not living here (and if coming here will be served), there are probably millions of sites breaking Swedish laws........well...... I suppose, I can live with breaking the law; I couldn't care less actually- I will happily meet Peo in any court, because I just want him to be served. I am hoping to meet him in court, for him to be tried. And if I end up in court by his hand, I will use the opportunity to maximise public knowledge of him and his crimes.

2/5/2009 07:54:15 pm

Ads on are served by Adsense - e.g. Google ( If you have an issue with the ads, contact Google. I do not promote prostitution and slavery, and have never done. Nor do I promote "mail order brides".

Google ads are served based on the search term and the actual text that the person that ends up on my website uses to get there. Adsense uses some very advanced (proven and successful, given their size on the market) ad-serving algorithms to show what they think the visitor wants to see.

This means that if you see ads for questionable behavior, it has to do with the latest sites that YOU visited and YOUR prior web surfing history. Other visitors might get other ads. Just read some information about Adsense and you will see that. :)

I actually enjoy Andrea adding more senseless, crazy, idiotic, libellous and slanderous (illegal) information to her website, since it has now (as of Tuesday, Feb 3rd) been officially proven illegal by Swedish authorities, rendering her a second police report to her "rap sheet". Everything published here is recorded, saved and sent to law enforcement.

As for "the clientel" that visits my website; the most regular and recurring visitor is from Gothenburg. I know just a few persons in Gothenburg. Ring a bell?

Regarding the recommendations written about me on LinkedIn they were not published/added the same day (as any sane person can see), by the way. But hey, it makes this "story" better, doesn't it?

2/5/2009 11:23:19 pm

I have not lied about police reports... And yes, you have lied quite a bit.

Andrea's friends that say they have info into all kinds of policework (and send me and my friends/family emails stating that) are wrong. There is actually a difference between "utpekad" and "misstänkt". :) If you don't speak Swedish, just check out the difference with Google.

A report was filed in September with Datainspektionen ( they just released their verdict on this case and it states this site breaks the law (and the other sites Andrea Kjellgren has registered to slander me). I believe it may be public. If not now, in a couple of days.

As for the other police report... it was filed in October last year. And it is real, regardless of what Andrea Kjellgren's friends with "high security clearance" say...

All emails that Andrea Kjellgren has sent to anybody I might know, are kept and sent to me and law enforcement... As are any packages with copies of documents, etc.

Oh... by the way, no comments about the people that recommended me on LinkedIn?


2/5/2009 11:33:38 pm

as for the worst time of my life, I forgot to state every second I was with this crazy, alcoholic, bad smelling, tattoed (in a bad way) person... I suffered. She might have issues with me, but MAN... no wonder all men have left her. She is simply awful.

2/6/2009 02:52:09 am

If you suffered every second you were with "this person", why were you with her???????????? To get her money!!!!!

2/8/2009 04:29:25 pm

Had you not changed your initial entry, my message wouldn't have seemed like "irrelevant fabulations".

You said in your initial entry that I was a bad person because I promoted prostitution, due to the ads that were served when YOU entered my website ( Ads about "mail order brides"... Well, these ads were seen by YOU because YOU probably visited some website before that served those kind of ads.

As for how Swedish law goes, you are not a suspect until Swedish law enforcement acts upon a report (with prosecutors, etc). So you are "utpekad" until Swedish police decide to act on the report.If police with prosecutor believe you have done something wrong, you become a "misstänkt". It's kind of easy to understand, if you have any knowledge about Swedish (or any) law. Unfortunately I can't decide who is "misstänkt" or not... I am confident, though, that Andrea Kjellgren will be (and is clearly guilty) "misstänkt" of all beforementioned crimes.

Finally, regarding the legality or illegality of this site, it doesn't have to do with the language, hosting venue or for whom it's made... I you are a Swedish citizen living in Sweden, you are not allowed to publish this kind of info... It really doesn't matter what you do as of now. Law enforcement have evidence since July of last year, when this website was registered in your name.


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