Empathy, and/or lack of it + "letting it go" - Criminal, con artist- Per-Otto Lekare

I admit to being female, emotional, feeling. At the same time, I would rather have feelings and empathy, than being the kind of emotionally hardened person who can shrug off hurt and betrayal as easily as a duck sheds water. I believe that if you are not easily hurt you are more likely to hurt other people- if you do not feel, then you probably don't believe other people to feel either.  

I got an anonymous email the other day, through a redirecting server, from a coward : "Even though we're getting a bit jaded by now, your fans still perversely enjoy the undying hatred and desire for revenge (call it truth if you like), don't stop girl, keep it up, never forgive, never let go.
In the end you'll become a famous web-celebrity and a classic jihadist for all women scorned."
What amuses me (apart from the failed comic side, the idiocy) is the cowardice of anonymity, plus the obvious attempt at riling me (which only worked as a mention in the blog).

On a more serious note, aimed at people with empathy, or at the very least, decency and honor: letting it go is a process, a difficult one; due to the amount of time and energy that was involved- daily lies for 18 months, $ 50 000 US (not counting presents, trips/holidays, telephone calls), the continued mail arriving for Peo at my adress, my student loan (subjects studied only because it was needed for our future, not useful apart from that), the Swedish system not dealing with Mexico properly. 

This blog is about my dealing with a horrendous experience, it is part of my letting go, moving on. Throw mud at me, try to discredit me... nothing will change that Peo Lekare is a liar, thief, criminal. He will recieve his just desserts, no one can avoid their karma for ever.


Raul Guillen
3/12/2009 16:26:02

Just let it go. It makes absolutely no sense for you to continue your Quixotic crusade to mend your broken heart. I am sad to read about people like you exacting revenge on innocent people. Life is to short to dwell on the past. Just love your child and move on.

from Andrea to Raul
3/12/2009 21:09:40

I'm trying to let it go. I do not really understand where you are coming from...but I take it you are a friend of Peo's- you seem to be of the impression that my website is about mending a broken heart and getting revenge. It isn't- the website is about the truth, the blog is therapuetic. Put yourself in my situation, imagine what it would be like to find out that the man you have supported (financially and emotionally), are supposedly marrying, has lied every day for 1 and a 1/2 years, just to get your money (while putting you through continous mental torture by lying about his health, letting you think that he is barely staying alive..... one of the times I tried to end the relationship he told me he tried to commit suicide because of me).

You might believe me to be insane, or purely a liar. But why would I come out with a story that makes me look a complete fool, that is so improbable that people can barely believe it? If I were out for revenge, I would invent a story that was credible. More importantly: where would I get all the witnesses- friends might lie (but hardly have a reason to, and finding minimum 25 who would, some about being present when he proposed marriage- not probable), but school, health, bank, law firm, and government personnel, plus the people in the shop where we got our engagement rings? How would I manufacture proof in the forms of bank statements (several different independent financial institutions), divorce papers, living registration, photos, emails, sms- all things that are easily checked? If I were a liar, Peo would accept the papers the Swedish court has been trying to serve him, prove me the liar he makes me out to be.

If you care enough to stand up for someone you believe innocent, it must mean that you are a good, honourable person.
Unfortunately you seem to be as duped by Peo, as I was, and as most of the people around him are. I have told the truth about everything, and I can prove it. It is not about a relationship ending, it is about there never being a relationship, just a con- he is a thief, liar, con man. And a coward, since he won't even meet me in court.

Raul Guillen
3/18/2009 03:31:37

To be very honest, I have not read the whole blog so I am not entirely familiar with the whole story. I do know Peo and Fabiola although I have not seen them in quite some time (at least 3 years).

It seems to me that you will just continue with the same attacks, justified or not, for as long as it takes and my initial point is that perhaps its time to stop and move on.

Even iff what you are saying is true, repeating it many times over is not going to solve it and attacking innocent people in this whole matter is unjust. You should know that is not the way to go.

In any case, good luck.


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