It's great to know that OJ finally got what he deserved, better late than never.

A parallel to Peo (not that I am saying his crime is equivalent to a brutal murder, though he did brutalise my soul,). My drawn parallel is based on the fact that certain people think they can get away with anything, a facet of the psychopathic mentality, not seeing the consequences or believing in exemption.  He may think he has gotten away with this (not unlikely previous scams/ deceptions too), but one day he will have to face up to it all.  And if he gets away with this (living on the other side of the world does facilitate avoiding Swedish legal consequences), he will sooner or later be punished for some other crime he has committed, or will commit. I hope the punishment will be in Mexico, or some other country, where the jails are unpleasant (to match his soul, personality, behaviour); sorry make that substandard/ horrid/ wretched/ hellish.

And as he is becoming boringly predictable: no I am not projecting, no I am not the one who belongs in jail (as I am sure his response to this blog post would/ will be that). It actually saddens me to see (deduce from his writings) how he is deteriorating- logic and credibility  seem to be completely left out of his fabrications. The reasons it saddens me, is that it was actually his intelligence I fell in love with- but then again, I was wrong about everything else about him. The sadness is not directed at him, it is just sad how so much potential could be wasted.

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