Regarding Fabiola and the children - Criminal, con artist- Per-Otto Lekare

I have raised the question of whether she was actively involved.

She has been supported on stolen money for the last year. She has known about me and let her husband continue his deception.  Those are facts.

Whatever her part in this, through her husband she is, by association, a risk to people around her. People need to be warned.

If she is not involved, I apologise for her discomfort- but I can not be held responsible for creating the situation. If she is not involved she can tell me herself, preferably repaying money/ getting her husband to. I am willing to retract and apologise if she can prove that she was not involved, explain the situation of the last (preferably two) year(s).

As to the children... If anybody causes them harm, it would be adults in their surroundings who would let the sins of parents be taken out on kids. I warned the school of the risk, because if I were in the situation of not knowing I would want to- i.e. if I were at the risk of con artists. If Peo had not done what he did, there would be nothing to tell. I have not lied, nor hurt anyone- I have told the truth, if the truth hurts... that has not nothing to do with me.

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