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Per-Otto/ Peo lied, conned and outright stole. I was gullible, believing, caring- stupid but with my heart  (and faith in humanity) in the right place. His wife.. well, he obviously didn´t need to be home nor faithful, nor even married- she is either a complete imbecile or an accessory. 

I have done everything I can to let people at risk know. Whatever happens, the chance/ risk of this happening again is significantly lower- unless of course they change their names. I feel sorry for the children, I truly do- growing up in a home with one (or more) evil parent (s) will cause damage (personal experience).

I am surviving, will survive, have survived. I will never forget, nor forgive, though. What I experienced at the hands of Peo is not forgivable- abusing love, trust, faith... is never acceptable, especially when a young child is involved. The more cruel, the less forgivable. Peo was cruel to me and my son- directly and indirectly. Psychopath, sociopath, compulsive liar, lacking empathy/ sympathy.... a determination of psychological disorder(s) would make me happy (in the sense that it would help me understand, get closure).

I have proof and witnesses in abundance- from the last two years. I have all rights on my side.

And, I just wonder, why was nobody around him willing/ capable of telling the truth? If I had known, I could have had my life back! Man blir som man umgås.. oempatisk (minst), omänsklig (medel), ...... (Peo).

In regards to Peo's comment on this category: jajajajaja/ yayayaya.... Let's see who actually has a thing with the Swedish judicial system- I have proof of that, as well as all else I write.  And if regarding me (though nothing on checkable record in Sweden, "country of public records") there should be something;) .. I will deal with it, take the consequences, maximise the publicity- because nothing will make me back down from telling the truth.  I have done nothing wrong, morally or principally, but if legally.... take me to court, try to get me fined or put in jail; because I will continue to make sure that the truth is not hidden, I will not let Peo try to intimidate me into silence, NEVER.

If Peo has a problem with the situation, i.e. website, he can easily fix that by paying back the money,and giving back my property. If he did that, I could only accuse him of being liar, not a thief/ criminal.

11/29/2008 07:09:45 am

Du är så vansinnigt full av skit. You are full of shit.

"I have all rights on my side." is something the police, prosecutor and all competent authorities have to consider, not you or me... Prosecutor isn't really impressed... He seems to think it's up to Swedish Law to decide, and not you...

"I feel sorry for the children, I truly do- growing up in a home with one (or more) evil parent (s) will cause damage (personal experience)."

Well... you have done everything to show the damage caused by growing up with two insane (according to your own words) parents. And I would say it talks against you.


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