Sweden has never been known for it's effective/ good legal system (unless of course you are a criminal, because then it is probably the best in the world). Being in Mexico facilitates Peo's avoidance of being served papers (yes, official legal document- not the Financial Times;). I am sure justice, divine AND legal, will catch up with him. Now what I find funny, is the fact that if I weren't completely in the right, he should be anxious to meet me in court- prove me the insane, lying woman he claims me to be; wouldn't it be great for him to prove that he is innocent? Of course not, because he can't prove his innocence; thus he will not accept the sent papers.

Sometimes it is just simpler to chose to believe what someone tells you, because the truth seems too improbable. If a person close to you, add the factor of the truth being too hurtful (caring about/ loving a person who is not who you think/ doesn't actually exist). My story sounds improbable to the people who are biased in Peo's favour- and to all others (who haven't seen Peo in action with their own eyes) makes me seem like a complete fool: a silly, gullible idiot with more money than sense. My choice of man also makes me seem half blind (looks and fashion sense), okay with personal grooming issues (eyebrows, nose hair, warts, persistent fungal infection on the inner thighs ), and acceptive of terrible dental hygiene (though at the very end I payed for his monstrous plaque to be removed)- obviously I truly loved him (for the inner qualities he led me to believe he had).

If my story wasn't the truth, I wouldn't be so adamant about making it known- as is the case, all I say is the truth (which I can prove irrefutably). Sooner or later, everybody who doesn't know who the being (wish I could call him human, but sadly he lacks alot of the neccesary qualities) really is, will find out- he can not keep up his pretense for ever, in the end, people will always personally see his true face.


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