"In addition, there has been numerous attempts by this person to inflict harm on Fabiola Kun. Phone harrassment and threats to me and my family have been delivered".

This is taken directly from Peo's website. Ludicrous, even more ludicirous than the rest of it. He can write whatever he feels like- it won't make it the least bit true.

I want to meet him in court, not process against a defendant who is "hiding"on the other side of the world. I have witnesses and proof of all I say, he has whatever he has fabricated. I have told as many people I can, people who are connected to him, should be aware of the truth. It is my duty as a human being to spread the truth/ to make it as difficult as possible for Peo to ever do this again.

In response to Peo comments:

Fabiola: has been sustained on my money for the last year (unless it was spent on other things), she knew about me and ignored all facts. I have never claimed that she is proven guilty, only that she has known most facts, and that she by association to Peo is a liability to all people she comes into contact with.

Attack on a third person: yes, countering with infomation that is of no consequence to this matter at all, spreading that the person in question beats people... very relevant.

Theft: Taking money without the owners knowledge? Obtaining money by lying, then not paying it back? Borrowing a mobile phone then claiming to be robbed of it? Claiming to be robbed of heirloom jewelry?

Police report: none registered as of today. Feel free to call the police and check.

11/3/2008 06:50:18 am

And Andrea, you forgot alot of info... for instance that you opened an account with my name at Plaxo, portraying me as a criminal. And other events that you won't share with your "readers"...

11/3/2008 06:53:37 pm

A criminal is exactly what you are! Andrea never even met Fabiola, she would never hurt her physicaly!! When she tried to call her she just wanted to know the truth! Now she just want everyone to know what you did! Don´t blame anyone but your self, you brought this on your self and your family! What Andrea is doing is nothing compared what you did to her and to Alex!!

And you have not filed any police report in Sweden.. Then again it is not illegal to tell the truth! So what can you do.. I have never met anyone how are as evil as you, and I meet sweden´s worst criminals! They may have killed people but they have not tortured someone, for like at least a year, like you have. That you stolen a lot of money is bad, but what you did to her mentaly is far far worse! A very skilled psychopath is what you are, and I don´t mean that as a compliment, but I´m sure you take it that way! I´m very angry at my self for not noticing this, I guess I really wanted her to be right about you. Wanted her to finally found real love..

And Peo, what did you really think would happen when she found out??? That she would lick her wounds in silence? As a psychopath I guess you never think about consequences.. If you want this to end give her the money back!

And Peo, I´m sure you have something to say about me, trying to reduce my credibility! Like Andrea often cook me dinner or payed for the tripp to Tunisa.
Yes sometimes it really feels like I use her, which I also tell her my self! I´m bad with money, but I have the second highest security clearance in Sweden, so I guess I´m still fairly credible..

To anyone else how reads this..I´m sorry about my english! I also want to tell everyone that I´m one of the witnesses Andrea refer to. I witnessed the proposal, seen the instrument of debt when Peo was present (which was only on half the actual sum) and read many emails from him that support Andreas version!

11/4/2008 03:29:38 am

No, Lotta. I have nothing against you at all. In fact I think you are a great person, Andrea is lucky to have a friend like you - although she doesn't deserve you. And I have never uttered a single bad word about you, although people around you have. Anything else is a lie. I think, however, you should choose your friends a little better.

The fact that your "friend" sent flowers and letters to an international congress, in order to discredit and make Fabiola look bad in front of hundreds of international attendees - without any proof whatsoever of any wrongdoing by her... makes her (Andrea) and everybody defending her that knew about this stunt - look bad. That is really low. OK, it's not physical harm, but it is great and deep emotional - and professional harm. Someone that has had nothing to do with this woman.

The fact that she sent a letter to all the parents of the school where my children attend to "discredit" me, and then say that any harm to my kids is caused by me is not only "ludicrous" as this crazy women wants to portray, but clearly insane. She sent that letter with her only intention to harm my kids. And that is not in ANY way permissible or forgettable. Especially when this woman is known to be drunk around her kid. Sometimes too drunk to answer the phone.

As for the police report. Yes, it has been filed. Both in Sweden and in Mexico. Independently of your "security clearance" you might not be aware of it, but just check the police reports of Västra Götaland, and you might find something.

So... there is an instrument of debt? That Andrea hasn't spoken about? Did she say I offered to leave it blank so that she could enter the amount? No, of course not. I haven't stolen anything. Never have. She is simply insane. You know how she acts every 4 weeks. Screams at her son, etc. Claims PMDD but I guess it's something else.

As for not deleting any comments, I did not do any "attack on a 3rd person"... I just related what Andrea had told me over and over again in response to an attack to me... but then again, comments are only permitted if in favour of Andrea.

And once again, Lotta. I have no reason to discredit you. You are a good person. Your friend isn't. Although I guess this comment will be deleted....


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