Pathetic. Truly pathetic.

Apart from evil.

Crime is never acceptable! Still there's a difference between rape and running a red light. 

Apart from being criminal and evil, Peo is plain pathetic. The facts show that he has no empathy, sympathy, morals or principles. I should, also, like to draw the conclusion that he has no pride, backbone or capacity to succeed. 

Per-Otto is a failure. He may have a high IQ, be knowledgeable, smart , creative, charismatic, utterly convincing, a fantastic liar, but he is obviously lacking something vital;  instead of making a sufficient career (in which ever field), he decides to earn extra money by duping a single mother...  preying on tender feelings, pity and compassion. That is pathetic.

Conclusion: Per-Otto Lekare is lower than low. He is pathetic for not being able to earn his keep, he is pathetic for committing a such a dispicable crime. He lied, conned and stole (outright) from a single mother who thought she was doing "for better or worse" despite the lack of a wedding certificate. What kind of man sells promises, tenderness and sex- when having wife and children? Equal the amount of time (2 years) to the amount of money... yeah well: cash, great holidays, lots of sex, fantastic presents (Per-Otto and children).....-but not exactly a fortune- just morally, principally wrong- a grevious sin towards his wife and children, not to mention me and my son.


And emotionally: What kind of person can knowingly watch another human being suffer, even worse, cause them to suffer? Who that is even slightly human(e) knowingly, willfully, constantly causes a person pain, over a prolonged period of time? Who lies to a young child?

Losing money is one thing; losing sleep, time, health is another. I lost two years of my life which could have been spent working towards a real goal, met a man to have more children with, not developing stress related problems. Per-Otto Lekare knowingly caused me to worry, stress, lose sleep, be sad during a long period of time.

Per-Otto also lied to a child; he lied to my son, who now is eight. He led him on, led him to believe, got his hopes up, told him untruth after untruth. Does it getter any lower than that?

And now- I have no faith or trust in people, nor belief in my own judgement or emotions. My son is terribly confused, wondering about the world.